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The most seductive, delicate, refreshing

gin, based on a unique

juniper, Sichuan pepper and yuzu recipe.

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Discover the most refreshing and elegant
non-alcoholic alternative

to gin!
Another side of YU!

A propos

Spiritique introduces YuGin, a uniquely crafted French Gin, taking its roots in Japanese heritage and traditions. 

Inspired by Wabi Sabi, YuGin goes back to the heart of Gin-making and uses solely what is necessary. 


The Wabi Sabi mindset welcomes complexity while valuing simplicity.
And that is what YuGin is about :
a complex yet simple spirit, crafted with natural ingredients, reflecting freshness and subtleness.


Order Yu Gin and Yu No
on the online shop of

YuGin is a unique blend of natural yuzu extracts, Sichuan pepper, coriander and juniper. 


Used by the greatest chefs and perfumers, yuzu has also been beloved by the Japanese for ages for its relaxing and refreshing properties both in Japanese cuisine and in centuries old customs such as Yuzuyu, where the fruit is floated in the hot water of a bath on tōji (winter solstice), to guard against colds, warm the body and relax
the mind.

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